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Guide To Remove O Cedar Mop Head The Right Way

O-Cedar is a trusted name in the cleaning industry, providing high quality products designed to make your daily chores less of a hassle. Their line of brooms, mops, and refills come in a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing you to tailor the perfect cleaning tool for your home.

But it doesn't stop there - they also carry scrubbers, pads, gloves and other items that make cleaning more efficient and effective. When it comes to changing out the mop head, simply twist off the old one and replace it with a fresh one – no mess! With its long handle and lightweight design, this spin mop is perfect for anyone looking to get a spotless clean in a timely manner.

When to Replace the Spin Mop Head?


Using any models of O Cedar Mops ensures that you have a sturdy and long-lasting cleaning tool. O Cedar is one of the top-rated mops for different floor types by The King Live. The website is also resourceful if you’re looking up for trusted products reviews and ratings.

However, it is common to require more than just water to effectively clean your floors: alternative cleaning chemicals, detergents, and soap are all necessary components in the daily effort of maintaining a hygienic environment. As such, the mop head strands on the O Cedar Microfiber Spin Mop may become worn from frequent use and require replacing. The microfiber strands are both absorbent and high-quality, but they can only withstand so much wear before needing to be changed out. Besides becoming worn, your mop head may become stained, making it unappealing to use. In such cases, replacing the mop head rather than the entire stick mop and bucket is necessary.

How to take off O Cedar mop heads

If you recently purchased an O-Cedar Mop, you likely want to know how to remove the mop head. This is important as it should be done after each cleaning session and at least every three months. Here is a simple O Cedar mop head removal guide for you to work on.


  • Inspect the Mop Thoroughly

Take a look at your stick mop and familiarize yourself with its parts and functions by reading its instruction manual carefully. Note that no need to take off the whole stick from the mop head – just concentrate on removing the mop head itself.

  • Focus on Just the Mop Head

You will see a red triangular frame with microfiber strands sticking out of it when you flip your stick mop over in your hand – pay particular attention to this part of it only!

  • Examine Microfiber Strands Closely

Check that there is a black piece inside of this red triangular area – this needs to be taken out for an O-Cedar Spin Mop replacement or removal job

  • Remove That Piece & Leave Behind Just The Red Frame

Firmly hold onto this triangle part and remove that black section from within, which should only take a couple of minutes. After that, you are done and the mop head has been successfully removed!

These simple steps will ensure that you will be able to remove your O-Cedar Mop Head with ease. Plus, it will make it much easier for you to clean the mop in between uses as well. So, make sure to follow these steps whenever you need to take off the mop head!
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